The Movie Industry

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The movie Industry is also one of the most thriving industries worldwide, its base was started in Los Angeles, it is famous for its iconic Hollywood Hills, and the name of the American movie Industry Hollywood. There are many industries worldwide but the most successful is Hollywood. It is an example of videos, but much larger one, we see videos everywhere, on social media, TV, commercials, corporate video Shows and Streaming services, movies are also considered as motion pictures, but it is indirectly a video, most likely a large video, with big budgets and provide an experience to audience there are similarly many examples of videos like in social media or corporate video in gold coast and etc.

Why do we watch movies?

The main answer is that movies are entertaining, we either watch our favourite genres or a comedy movie, they are both that we consume as entertainment. Movies often provide a psychological experience to a person, they can either relate to a character they see on the big screen or they watch a big budget action movie to get thrilled, now a days, action movies earn a lot of money. Audiences love experiencing things that they can relate to. Corporate video are a big industry which keeps growing and never stopping but they slowly change styles, back then action movies were not as common but now a days there are comic book adaptations of movies which earns a lot of money and are critically acclaimed by audiences.

Process behind these Movies:

Movies go through a long term process, typically a big budget movie takes up to 1 or 2 years to complete and play in theatres. They also go through the basic steps of Pre-Production, Shooting and Post-Production. In Pre-Production, the set pieces decided, basically all the work, the title, and the setup of the movie, Screenplay and gathering of the crew. The production companies and the distributors are also decided. This makes a motion picture complicated process with 1000 of crew involved in shooting and work, around the budget of normal movies are $50 million up to $150 million. The current high budget action movies revolve around $250 to $300 million. The box office is of course higher in case of action movies because people watch them more than other genres but that doesn’t mean that other genres are not that capable they also sometimes go as high as action movies.

Engaged Audiences:

Audiences around the world love to see all genres of different movies and experience their favourite adaptations from books or comics now a days. Movies can inspire people in real life, they can explain different situations and give great thrill to the audience. Some people also like corporate video that provides knowledge about corporate world.

Movies are yet another great example of large videos, short films, animation and TV shows are also come in videos.

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