What To Pour In What Glass?

There are many types of liquid that can be poured in a glass- from water to wine – there is a wide range of liquid which are used in the world. But there are individual glasses which come in different shapes and sizes and are used for pouring different liquids. There are different types of liquid which need to be poured in different shaped glasses. If you want to pour wine in a glass you need to have the particular shaped glass for the same. The only liquid which can be poured in straight glass is water. You can pour water in a straight glass and serve in a straight glass.There are different personalized beer glasses which are used as promotional glasses for promotion of any company or any organization. The glasses are of different shapes and the same is needed to identify which should be used to pour a particular liquid. Wine specially is poured in tall and broad bowled glasses. There are many glasses which need to be stored in a bar so that each liquid can be stored properly. The place where you will find all types of glasses is probably a store or in a bar.

There are many kinds of promotional glassware Australia which are used to promote business in the industry. Say a company which is a start up needs to give the industry to know that they have arrived in the market. Thus, you can tell the world that your company has newly arrived in the industry. There are different types of ways where you can do promotional activities and get attracted in the eyes of consumers. There are different kinds of glasses where you can pour different kinds of liquid. Below is a short guideline of the same.


Beer is universally accepted to be poured in a tumbler. The large based glass can be used for pouring beer.


Here again there are two types of wines. One is red wine the other is white wine. So, you can get the red wine in the broad-based tall glasses. There are other round-based glasses for the white wine. Thus, if you have to get the wine across the table make sure you have proper glasses to pour this exotic flavoured liquid.


There are different kinds of spirits like whisky, vodka, etc. There are different glasses which are used to pour these kinds of spirits. For vodka or gin someone would use a tall glass and to pour whisky or scotch a small flat based glass would be used. Thus, these are the different kinds of glasses which are used to pour different liquids.

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