Why Do We Need Variable Message Signs To Improve Traffic Management?

Technology is changing rapidly and changes our life completely. Technology has influenced in every sector. We will emphasis on one of the key development in the field of traffic management. We all know the issues of traffic jams. Most of the times there is construction work going on and we don’t have any idea about it because there is no proper traffic management signage.  Variable messaging sign has become a significant part of traffic management. These digital boards are brightened with led of numerous colors and update traffic about the position of road, weather conditions, and alternative route etc.

Handling thousands of cars and other vehicles flowing day in and day out is difficult job by manual efforts, when it comes to road traffic.  With the help of variable message sign this can be simplified. These boards not only use for traffic managing but they also used in hospitals, near schools, banks, restaurant, and commercial complex etc. The main purpose of dynamic message sign is to keep updated people about the situation of traffic and to convey information to many people at one time.

Types of variable message signage:

There are different types of variable message signage are available in the market that is as follows:

  • Permanent VMS: These types of VMS are fixed at one place. It is used to display info about traffic crashes, or road work and extreme weather conditions.
  • Portable VMS: These types of VMS are moveable and can move to one place to another. It keep updated people about the speed limits and road conditions etc.
  • Truck mounted VMS: These types of VMS are moveable to which are mounted at on the back side of the truck.

Benefits of variable message signage:

  • It guides the driver while parking.
  • It keep updated drivers about the information like alternative routes, accidents, traffic blockage, road side work, weather conditions or speed limits etc.
  • Exit ramp closure
  • Roadway failure alerts
  • Travel time
  • Time and date
  • Weather conditions like snow falling, rain, natural disasters like earthquake or tornados.

Variable message signage is one of the finest ways to improve traffic management and traffic flow on the road. Most of the traffic authority relies on VMS to cope and control the traffic effectively. Samson hire provides variety of advertising signage, variable message signage (VMS) and traffic control signage and several other options. Our competitive team is always ready to provide high quality service to our customers. Most people face budget constraints but we have best economical solution for them.


As there are many companies who are providing same services in Australia but Samson hire is the best in the business. Always take a wise decision while choosing a company for traffic management equipment’s to avoid from any kind of financial losses and wastage of time.

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